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Rafa 2010

Image Credit flickr.com/photos/drona

Rafael Nadal’s lead-up to the French Open this year:  In five weeks he won three tournaments and 15 straight sets.  Champion of Monte Carlo, Rome, and Madrid, will he take Roland Garros again?  I love Rafa, so hope so!


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Wtg ‘Hawks!  Again the Blackhawks were down in the game and down in the series, and down a man on the ice.  Patrick Sharp went flying down the ice, sometimes it’s just that easy, tying it up shorthanded in the third period.   Versteeg’s goal had all five players involved, while the Canucks totally collapsed with all five men below the hash marks.  The Blackhawks exhibited awesome puck control, Versteeg brought in in slow and got a Vancouver man down, lost it, Ladd in front, Bolland knocks the loose puck to Seabrook, out to the point to Duncan Keith, one more pass back to Versteeg, nothing but the back of the net!

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Kentucky Derby 2010

Calvin Borel

Last year the Kentucky Derby was like the most thrilling ever, with the small horse nearly in last coming back and winning by a mile.  Mine that Bird.

Here we go, horse #20 Sydney’s Candy going in the last gate.

And they’re off!  It’s muddy.  The overhead shot shows the whole field down the backstretch.  #4 Super Saver by 2 lengths at the end.  Calvin Borel wins again!  That guy hugs the rail clsoer than anybody and kicks it in at the right time in this race.

Image Credit
Jack Kendall flickr.com/photos/jack_kendall/4001003357/

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Battling brackets of the NCAA tournmaent with friends is good fun, a venue for smack talk and sharing the thrill of a buzzer beater together.  Plus the friends that I see once per year, or once every five years, can use the internet and the tourney to act like our lives still overlap at all.

Last year I won in a group of thirty, without picking the national champion.  If Michigan State had beaten UNC in the final, I would have been in the top 100 out of like 3 million on espn.  I think I’ll tell that story every March for years.  In 2010 last year’s champion didn’t even make the Madness, and I’m as good as out already too.  We’re on day 2, and I’m 12-7.  That’s no good, no good at all.

People talk about a perfect bracket, companies sponsor gazillion dollar prizes for one, and it seems at first glance entirely possible.  It’s not.  Like 1 in the aforementioned gazillion.  63 games, right?  Well just to show how hard it is to get that many right – here’s today’s stat:

There are 4.8 million brackets filled out at ESPN.com.  After 19 games, only 11 people have chosen perfectly.  11!  They’ll fall soon enough, most likely by the end of the day.

You just cannot get them all right

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