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Blaylock Photography

And so it was that the rain kept the crowds at home and slow Jackson was excessively slow even on First Thursday, the supposed once a month street drinking night in the artsy neighborhood. Fondren after Five was a bust.
On the scales of the masses, that is.

playing the carpenter's saw

Here’s what I learned, and continue to learn in this city that is really a town: failure won’t dampen the spirits. In fact failure is infused into their expression. Where were the Blues born? Memphis is only 100 miles away. I think this is the fertile fields of the blues, at least.

The band playing in this photography gallery had a hit on NPR in 2009. They’re talking about Roosevelt and said the song they’re playing was written in 1908. Plenty of the old-timey sound throughout the small venues of Jackson.

I like it. I’ll say it doesn’t create the sexual energy of rock or the all-out enthusiasm of other modern popular forms. But it’s authentic. It sounds like a man on the front porch just playing what he feels until a neighbor joins in and the sound then takes a new form.

The Jericho Road show. at Blaylock Photography. From where I started in my kind today to where they took me, it was a pleasant train a happier place.


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studio night

four music venues on the night

I like a girl I can reheat dinner with

— Blues songs don’t have that many words. It’s the music.

Believe me it took a while. I offended more than one Southerner by talking too fast or too much or filling in one sentence with too many distinct thoughts.
What’s your hurry?

That’s what you get in a place where change doesn’t come tomorrow. You can see it coming before it comes. Everyone talks about it. Then you wait and ponder upon it. Then change comes. —

I like a girl who’ll go walking in the rain.
and who don’t complain.

I like the street lamp showing off your hair.
and everywhere.

I think I left my laundry in the bin.
I did it again.

Across the screen fell a picture into view.
It was you.

— the music plays a while, a good long while. while i while the wiles of the coyote. the sound is the interesting part anyway. The rest of us are there to react. —

I want to tell you all the stories that went down.
when we were underground.
I want to tell you everything.

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frozen food aisle

buy me I'm loaded with sugar

The frozen food aisles at Kroger now have door displays that light up only when you move in front of them.  Presumably a tactic to save on energy costs – when no one is in the aisle why heat up the freezers with a light bulb.  But it makes you feel as if your entrance to the selection is invited, a walkway of pleasures just for you to pop in your microwave at get nourishment at the press of a button.  The worse something is for you, the better it looks.  The more appealing the statues of food used in the marketing on the package, and the greater the profit margin.  Carrots and peas use easier graphics on their bulk bags accumulating ice burn because people are going to buy them on cost – the ten cents extra on name brands is solely for the photo of the same carrots and peas in the store brand bag next to it.

I try to limit myself to a Stouffers or four in the freezer as backup.  Eat freshly prepared foods when I’m not too lazy.

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The sky at times

The picture loses the power of the light, and the brightness preceding the darkness of a storm, as it often does.

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The world on water

would like a globe this size

First thing I had to do was shop for furniture.  Gave all mine away before I moved.  The giant furniture store had a slowly spinning globe in the front entrance.  Sitting in a pool of water, it is tilted on its axis like our planet and its spin can be redirected by touch.  Elegant, artistic, and out of my price range.  I eventually got the items I needed.  A bed, sofas and coffee table.  Working with the one chair I brought, it’s low and personal seat the one piece I could not part with.  Later got a dining table and chairs in a box and spent an afternoon with tennis on tv putting them together.

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