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the Five

I have profiles on all five of these networks, though I’m not a superuser on any of them.   Well this infographic compares features on The Five.


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Indycar production value on television has been weak at best for years. Yet they’re my favorite of all YouTube channels – I choose to receive the emailed updates and generally watch on my phone right away. If this is the future television, with my youtube account replacing my DVR, I accept!

Sports are more tied to the present than other programming. We need to know what’s going on now, and yesterday matters only when we’re feeling nostalgic.
Other topics have a less urgent timeline on them. If I want to learn how to make pickles or watch an airbus clip another airplane at JFK, I will look it up when I want to. But with sports I need to know the latest, and Live or behind-the-scenes is best.

Indianapolis Motor Speedway has long had its own radio network (among other things), and have recorded (and broadcasted) their own video for years too. There are plenty of people who will argue about their success or failure by keeping it all in-house, and about the level of viewer engagement they actually get from their videos – but purely from a view of their content-rich and regular-but-not-inundating level of program uploads, this is a channel I can learn from when looking to start a youtube presence for our biz.

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marketing caveat

Always interested in the detail of marketing claims, the fine print on a commercial for l’oreal stood out to me.  The claims in light of the caveat made in white print on a light background are laughable, yet an assertion of validity is what most people hear in the message.

95% of women saw a real reduction in wrinkles.  95% effective.  Wow, skin treatments really work!  But wait, wait for the “based on”.  Based on women who saw a reduction in wrinkles.  So not 95% of all women.  But of women who saw a reduction in wrinkles, 95% saw a real reduction.

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I'm HD ready

Giving away my tube tv and ready to do the upgrade to wide and flat.  Then the Google TV announcement came out, sets available in the Fall.  Should I wait or just get a big tv now?

There’s the cautiously running narrative about all web-tv connectors failing to achieve total market acceptance up to this point.  So would I be waiting for what may turn out to be year-long fad?  Or can Google be the one to make something awesome like they have done on other projects up to this point?   I may wait until I hear the prices for the Sony sets that will be unveiled, and if it’s too costly go with the most economical widescreen without web connect.

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Stoneware cooking

TV commercial for buying stone cookware, or cookware coated in stone-something, got me interested, so off to their website.  Here’s some dirty pool:  The price is listed nowhere on the page, other than $30 and fine print implying this won’t be all.  So one click and you’re to the Order page, just enter your credit card and Finalize.  The price, the total you will be listed NOW is written.  Nowhere is the total purchase price listed.  Read the text, it says “This is the first of ten monthly installments”.  Whoops!  10.  Ten, not even 10, to trick the people only looking for digits when trying to find the price.  Not a written number here, a price there, and multiplication to know how much you’ll pay in total.

Why won't you admit it's $300

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