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F1 Hungary GP 2011

Hungary review and more at 2011 season review page.


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To adumbrate is to outline or foreshadow.  The Latin root is of the same word as umbrage.  So it gives an idea or fairly suggest what might happen.

as a shadow previews a tree (flickr xctmx/155191402)

The breaking of the Berlin Wall adumbrated the breakup of the Soviet Union.

A shadow gives a fair idea of a tree, it approximates, it previews, it casts a representation, it adumbrates.

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F1 German GP 2011

GP of Germany now at fascinating F1 2011 season review page.

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Economist 7/9/11 Jon Berkeley / Corbis

Looking up one thing on the internet typically results in having a dozen tabs open across a wide range of topics.  I meant to find out a piece of information, instead I have wildly unrelated topics clamoring for action.  With the tone our generation has been taught to write in, each topic has an attacking sense of Urgency.    So I guess that’s what surfing is.   Today’s topics:

ProPublica is an investigative news center, supported by philanthropy, concentrating on collecting facts about the powerful oppressing the weak.

Leo at ZenHabits says this stuff:  “I’m always happy with what I’m doing, because I don’t compare it to anything else, and instead pay close attention to the activity itself…. Life will suck if you are always wishing you’re doing something else.

I was wondering what percentage of words start with consonants and what with vowels?  The answer is 27% vowels and 73% consonants.  I retrieved Chapter 27 of Huck Finn and today’s page of top tweets.  Both informal speech patterns, so perhaps a medical reference document would read diff’rnt’ly.  This alphabetize text tool made it work, along with wordcount, made it possible for even me who cannot write a script.

hucktweet data

Wordinsouciant :  Without worry.    Many people thinking about the U.S. debt and deficit are the opposite of insouciant.

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