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European GP

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Some words we hear, guess by context what they mean, and we never get an actual definition.  These fit in that category for me – except for invigilator, that’s brand new to me.

Recidivism – “repeated or habitual relapse”.   Used in an Economist article about a lower crime rate.

Titivate – “to make smart or spruce”.    and usually applied in a double-entendre about tits.

Invigilators – “those who keep watch”.   in an article about standardized testing, and how the teachers cheat (like in Wash D.C. schools) by helping students, since their pay is affected by students’ results.   Now invigilators can be at computers thousands of miles away.

Redoubt –  “a standalone structure completely enclosed in a permanent fortification for defense.”  Bad guys in Somalia were found outside their redoubt and were killed.

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The race seems disjointed from the start, with a wet track, Pedrosa out with injury, and Rossi starting on the back row.

Stoner pushes through on Dovisioso early, just like he was ready to take it so he took it.  Simoncelli exciting again but has a thrilling mistake that puts him behind Lorenzo – the two of them then stuck behind Dovisioso while Stoner pulled away.

Lorenzo and Spies crash on the same lap – Team Yamaha with a painful few moments.  That’s 25 races they say since Lorenzo last had a DNF.     Then Simoncelli!  Also in turn 1 – a momentary lapse of concentration and we see just how easy it is to go down in the wet.

Stoner takes the Championship lead, go Casey!

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P1 for Will

Loved :

  • Wheldon as a commentator (though would rather see him racing).
  • “Through the field” summaries of top 12 or so how they got to where they were, especially with so much green flag racing.
  • The draw for race 2 starting positions.  Fun.
C’mon Power get that first oval win!  Crazy last stops with 7 laps left.
Oh but Franchitti whines about the draw after finishing 7th.  Before you were annoying, now I’m actively rooting against you Dario.

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Canadian GP 2011

Canadian GP in Montreal notes now at 2011 F1 season review page.

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gp spain

The intros to international gp racing are cool, there’s no doubt about it.

Simoncelli is busted, people don’t like him overtaking so late in the corner – I have no problem with it.

Pole!  That is how Dovisioso responds to the criticism and the media fuss.  If you’re the fastest man and you’re on the rise, riding with confidence and on the bike

Colin Edwards breaks color bone in free practice.  141 straight starts in motogp, wtg.

but msimoncelli gets killed to fifth now sixth on the start, then seventh.

hayden rides up next to dovisioso, who then pulls it back out through the corner.   dovisioso then takes rossi too, who fights back to hold onto fourth a few corners later.  Casey Stoner the best rider on the top bike (Honda in 2011), leading number 1 champion from last year horhay lorenzo.  that’s george lonenzo to you.

the top 8 are the top 8 still – reduced from 10 with pedrosa and edwards out.

cal crutchlow takes hayden under breaking down the main straight.

straight and pace till 12 to go, when speckles of rain hit bikes and spectators.  no one has to pit, the rain doesn’t come, the late laps see no more passing.  Stoner pulls in a win while Lorenzo holds on to the points lead.

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Monte Carlo GP 2011

Live reaction moved to the new fascinating f1 page.

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