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Chinese Grand Prix 2011

Moved to http://www.allenbooth.com/2011_f1_season_review_a/258.htm


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Word – sepulchral

Sepulchral means hollow and deep, or suggestive of burial. Used in The Economist to describe the mood at an energy company in Japan dealing with this nuclear fallout.

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Show people your team

My #1 To-Do during the linklove seminar in New Orleans was a headsmacking “make your About Us page better”. So here it is. People (shoppers) like to buy from people (workers). When you have a bunch of real people in a physical business making things happen every day, showcasing that to your shoppers is a no-brainer.

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Indycar production value on television has been weak at best for years. Yet they’re my favorite of all YouTube channels – I choose to receive the emailed updates and generally watch on my phone right away. If this is the future television, with my youtube account replacing my DVR, I accept!

Sports are more tied to the present than other programming. We need to know what’s going on now, and yesterday matters only when we’re feeling nostalgic.
Other topics have a less urgent timeline on them. If I want to learn how to make pickles or watch an airbus clip another airplane at JFK, I will look it up when I want to. But with sports I need to know the latest, and Live or behind-the-scenes is best.

Indianapolis Motor Speedway has long had its own radio network (among other things), and have recorded (and broadcasted) their own video for years too. There are plenty of people who will argue about their success or failure by keeping it all in-house, and about the level of viewer engagement they actually get from their videos – but purely from a view of their content-rich and regular-but-not-inundating level of program uploads, this is a channel I can learn from when looking to start a youtube presence for our biz.

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Race review moved to the fascinating 2011 F1 season page.

On this particular race day I was at the Indycar race in Birminham, Alabama

Actually it's a great view from the woods

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I don’t have the word for it yet, this is just brainstorming.

We should change the image of SEO from optimization involving tricky methods to the original content creators that put valuable information on the web.  This was the message I heard from some of the speakers at linklove.   Makeinteresting, relevant, and helpful pages – a high but achievable goal.    Especially Rand seemed to have a passion that the focus should be on deserving the links and the traffic rather than just focusing on methods to get links to any page in question.   Make things people want to share.

You! What do you call you?

I don’t sense an overall negative impression to the term SEOs.  But then again I’ve never met Matt Cutts – maybe to the bigwigs of the wwweb seo means trickster.  Much like hacker meant tinkerer, or anyone just exploring the power of computers and pushing tech forward back in the day, eventually it took on a damage-inflicting negative connotation.  They tried to take the word back, and maybe they did successfully, or maybe some will always think hacker means good while others think hacker means bad.   If there is a negative impression to SEO, and what you really mean is an original content creator that also knows how to distribute said content effectively, then we simply need a new word.

Writer.  Designer.  Publisher.  PR man.  SEO.  Does that mean optimizer or super excellent originator?  You make the call.

There is no word yet.  It needs to mean all those things, and none of the negative.   Good guy. Non-spammer.   If you spam or otherwise do things bad for people, then you can’t be one of whatever this new word is.   Linklover, ha!  no that sounds spam-link-request-emailerific and a bit creepy. As Barry Toink said in one of the funniest sketch comedy moments of all time, “hello, como estas”, no wait, it’s “what do you call You?”

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Shout, shout, let it all out

even though there are not many yet.   We have pleased quite a lot of people, and it’s great when they say so over the phone, their comments can lift up your day.  I occasionally encourage (but don’t incentivize) people to write in their thanks.  Was collecting but not displaying because the quantity of written testimonials is not much yet.

To-Do 2 from my seat in the audience at the linklove festival was to display testimonials now.   The page will grow over time – it’s authentic to get it out there now even while the website is young.   If you need to, add other topics on the same page  –  our press mentions are few so far too, but put together testimonials and press make the page less bare.

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