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Local publications

This one, again, was not on my list of To-Dos from linklove, but it is certainly applicable to one of the general themes several of the speakers referred to:  Do things that a local business would do.  Don’t think only like an online business, think like a local business with local staff and a local presence.

So I had done this interview before, in search of just such a mention by a local publication.   And today both the print edition and online version of the Mississippi Business Journal went live.   The first thing I did (well, the second, after reading it) was to write the author and ask for an actual link to our website, which was not included in their article.

As Rand said more than once, Search is going to reward Brand presence in the future, so do things a brick-and-mortar brand would do.


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Trailer Rant

voice content from visitors

Post 1 in my new category, how I followed steps from linklove and made a million dollars (Distilled / SEOMoz’s 2011 conference).  I haven’t made a million dollars yet, but I’m going to implement a list of tasks made during the linklove seminar and am pretty confident it will turn out well.

The doublewide life is full of interesting characters with fascinating things to say.   Started an audio recording page using Google Voice, allowing anyone to leave a message that we can embed onto the page.  Interesting way to give our audience a voice, and potentially is linkbait. http://www.completemobilehomesupply.com/mobilehome_a/253.htm aka Trailer Rant

That was not the first on my list of 63 priorities.  In fact it wasn’t on there at all.  It just popped into my head while speaking with a staff member today – echoes of Chris Bennett (I think) from 97thfloor (or it might have been Wil Reynolds from SEERInteractive) talking about voice recording customers who think they have nothing creative to contribute, when in fact they do!  Total development time < 10 minutes.  Requires manual embedding at this point.

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Pirelli tire color codes

Moved the review to my new place on the fascinating 2011 F1 season page.

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A couple weekends ago I got down to Magnolia, MS to see the World of Outlaws to officially open the 2011 season.  WoO already had their season-opening weekend in Volusia, but anytime you’re watching a race in February, it’s pretty early.

So now we have the first MotoGP race in the books, F1 and Indycar getting started next weekend, we’re officially here!  I met a wonderful woman in the off-season – she knows I love racing and even went with me to the sprint cars – but when I’m watching Friday practice followed by Saturday qualifying, then two races (Melbourne and St. Petersburg) on Sunday, we’ll find out for sure how much she can handle.


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