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Word – epenthesis

The insertion of a letter or sound in the middle of a word. As in the British spelling of colour or labour.
On a related note, I think we should all do a reverse-epenthesis on the word Wednesday. Spell it like everybody everybody says it: Wensday.


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Another THINK coming

Boo just wants some friends

My sweetie’s reading To Kill A Mockingbird out loud while I drive on a road trip, and a phrase around the time Jem gets scared off the porch by mean ole Nathan Radley’s shotgun stood out.  If you think so and so, you’ve got another think coming. What?  Is that a mis-print?  Did brilliant Harper Lee get the phrase wrong (unlikely).   The more we discussed it, the more it made sense to have another think coming, after all if you were thinking incorrectly, you’d have to think again.  With a little bit of research on a language forum, the issue seems pretty much settled.  The phrase clearly is “another think coming”, with written usage pre-dating “another thing coming” in newspapers back to 1898.  One could see how it would be easily confused or morph into “thing” because of the ending k sound in one word then beginning the next word.  If you think the phrase is “another thing coming”, you’ve got another think coming.

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To actually change your ways

On the topic of real repentance, a biblical approach and actual change, this idea made sense:
Rather than feeling sorry followed by making resolutions, I need to realize our life-long sinfulness and therefore total need for God. The first is too focused on the self, a weak remorse followed by a misplaced confidence that I’ll do better next time. Instead I should recognize my sinful nature and cry out to God that he is my only hope. Dear God, I am a screw up and can’t do it without you.

2 Corinthians 7:10

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