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Word – Peripatetic

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the consummate peripatetic?

Walking or traveling about.

It’s an adjective, which it sounds like, ending in -ic as it does.  But it appears the noun form is spelled the same way.  A peripatetic might lead a peripatetic lifestyle or have a peripatetic day.


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Word – boffin

A scientist or technical expert.

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Word – Luddite

A Luddite nightmare

A Luddite is someone who opposes new technologies. Typically because it replaces activities people have always performed. From a movement in 1811 in England full of people losing their jobs because of fancy new looms. The movement took its name from a guy named Ludd that had smashed looms 30 years earlier.

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Word – provenance

Place of origin.

Cowboy boots may have been born in Kansas by a shoemaker on a custom request for a cowboy in Colorado around 1880.

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Word – immolation

To kill as a sacrifice, to destroy by fire.

A youth was recently publicly killed in Tunisia, immolated.

This pic is of the famous Buddhist monk’s self-immolation in 1963.

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