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marketing caveat

Always interested in the detail of marketing claims, the fine print on a commercial for l’oreal stood out to me.  The claims in light of the caveat made in white print on a light background are laughable, yet an assertion of validity is what most people hear in the message.

95% of women saw a real reduction in wrinkles.  95% effective.  Wow, skin treatments really work!  But wait, wait for the “based on”.  Based on women who saw a reduction in wrinkles.  So not 95% of all women.  But of women who saw a reduction in wrinkles, 95% saw a real reduction.

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foreal boreal

So what is the point of me covering anything?  I am not a journalist, scientist, or even a poignant vague reflect-uponer.  I rarely have a point, or if I do I cannot get to it.  This stuff happened though:

Our planet became covered in plant life and started breathing.  That plants eat carbon dioxide and release oxygen is fairly convenient to humanity.  This map of forests was in the Sept 25 Economist, where a concentration of this breathing takes place, integral to the weather of our entire rainfall-dependent society.

The world's forests, from Food and Ag Org of UN

In the Middle Ages Europe took big chunk of its forests, while China began the same millennia ago.  America used half of its in the 1800s.  If South America continued at its recent pace, the effect could be drought.  Perhaps it is too late already, with a cited 18% of rainforest cleared, and just a little bit more spelling big trouble.

I looked up boreal, temperate, and tropical forest.  Since sixth grade I have not thought too much about the differing types.  Boreal means north, and from eastern influence we call it Taiga too.  Temperate is from moderate or mixture, and has been applied to climates since 1400s.  Tropical are the forests around the equator.

Fascinating that water from the leaves of an Amazonian tree falls on the crops of Indiana, and destroying one can destroy the other.

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