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Blues festival.

Robert Belfour


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Blaylock Photography

And so it was that the rain kept the crowds at home and slow Jackson was excessively slow even on First Thursday, the supposed once a month street drinking night in the artsy neighborhood. Fondren after Five was a bust.
On the scales of the masses, that is.

playing the carpenter's saw

Here’s what I learned, and continue to learn in this city that is really a town: failure won’t dampen the spirits. In fact failure is infused into their expression. Where were the Blues born? Memphis is only 100 miles away. I think this is the fertile fields of the blues, at least.

The band playing in this photography gallery had a hit on NPR in 2009. They’re talking about Roosevelt and said the song they’re playing was written in 1908. Plenty of the old-timey sound throughout the small venues of Jackson.

I like it. I’ll say it doesn’t create the sexual energy of rock or the all-out enthusiasm of other modern popular forms. But it’s authentic. It sounds like a man on the front porch just playing what he feels until a neighbor joins in and the sound then takes a new form.

The Jericho Road show. at Blaylock Photography. From where I started in my kind today to where they took me, it was a pleasant train a happier place.

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