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studio night

four music venues on the night

I like a girl I can reheat dinner with

— Blues songs don’t have that many words. It’s the music.

Believe me it took a while. I offended more than one Southerner by talking too fast or too much or filling in one sentence with too many distinct thoughts.
What’s your hurry?

That’s what you get in a place where change doesn’t come tomorrow. You can see it coming before it comes. Everyone talks about it. Then you wait and ponder upon it. Then change comes. —

I like a girl who’ll go walking in the rain.
and who don’t complain.

I like the street lamp showing off your hair.
and everywhere.

I think I left my laundry in the bin.
I did it again.

Across the screen fell a picture into view.
It was you.

— the music plays a while, a good long while. while i while the wiles of the coyote. the sound is the interesting part anyway. The rest of us are there to react. —

I want to tell you all the stories that went down.
when we were underground.
I want to tell you everything.


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santo domingo

Two days in May there was a $10 airfare deal.  NYC was already booked, so were every other city with a direct flight and prospect of an immediate adventure.  Expanding the considerations, suddenly Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic was within reach.  With $130 in taxes for int’l customs-type fees, it totalled $150 round trip.

From the moment we stepped out of the cab from the airport it was clear there would be similarities to a trip to Thailand I took years ago.  Two walking dollar bills, approached by every vendor and unofficial tour guide that eyed us from across the street. Thus the sad part of the trip – the sad part that exists anywhere you go if you do not overlook the servants (i.e. wage workers) that are busy while the leisure class waltzes.  Poverty and the grasping at crumbs from the wake of American tourists.  But today’s is a positive post, a look at the beauty of a land which so close lies, albeit across the line of 1st and 3rd worlds.

36 inch wide artist's storefront - Santo Domingo

Early as we learned of the streets and the rock walls making everything I see at home seem so new, an artist in front of his storefront beckoned us and invited us to view all he had.  I assured him I would return, but we had not put down our overnight bags or found a place to sleep, and we continued to get our bearings in the part of the city known as Zona Colonial.

Later I would buy two yellow orange red green paintings, with varying shades of b&w, from a man who laid out his canvases on the steps an entrance gated off, ancient and disused.  These were the colors of the country, bright, sunny and energetic.  Blue was in other paintings, which changed the entire mood of the work.  Blue dominated an image, like the water around them fell off an edge to isolate them from the rest of the world.  Some pieces reflected these feelings, the part of life a local feels when with no where to go they sigh.  Many pieces with only the other end of the color sprectrum showed the vibrancy of the civilization living within.

there is only one combination like me
one individual human like you

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