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props to you

This one came up in conversation, and here’s the result from ye ole Dictionary of Etymology:

Prop (object used in a play) – shortened form of “properties”. 1440.
Prop (support) – from Middle English “proppe”, a stick, beam or other rigid support. 1841.
Prop (aircraft propeller) – shortened form of “propeller”.  1914.


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Racing Sunday

Kanaan back in Winner's Circle

Indycars in Iowa today.

Milka Duno – Qualifying shows as “No Speed”.  Ain’t that the truth.
Lap 1 – Justin Wilson crashes and takes Mario Moraes with him.
Robbie Buehl has improved ten thousand percent, still languishing as worst sportscaster ever.
9/10th of a mile, 18 seconds a lap.  lapped traffic almost takes out the leaders twice before the first pit stop.  Thankfully they black flagged Milka.
Lap 60 – Dominoes as Helio gets squeezed between Kanaan and Dixon exiting the pits. Did it break anyone’s suspension?
Graham didn’t pit, but I can’t see that paying off.  Blaming that on a malfunctioning radio is weak – when everyone else in the field pits on lap 60 for the first time, you need to be bright enough to pull in too.
An oval with multiple lines is the way Indycars are meant to race.  Good action, but still, it’s Sunday afternoon, and I slept on the couch for the middle part.  Glad Kanaan got back to the winner’s circle.

Good race for 2nd

MotoGP – British Grand Prix

Stoner blows it off the start, dead last at the first corner.  de Puniet was the impressive non-factory rider for most of the race, too bad he got shuffled to sixth by the end though.  Too bad? Maybe not, Dovizioso is the only one I would have him beat.
Lorenzo gone by a mile, but 2nd through 6th was an intense battle up to the end.  Hayden defends third remarkably when it looked like Spies had got him, only to make mistake enough to let Spies past, giving the World Superbike Champ his first podium in MotoGP.   Stoner, down as I am on him for losing that champion’s mental edge, was the fastest man on the track to fight back to sixth.

Kokomo Speedway always great

Kokomo Speedway

Good midget feature, if a bit caution-filled.  Thought Brad Coon was going to dump it in the 2nd turn wall on the next to last lap.  Nice to see a wheel-to-wheel-at-the-checkered finish.
Stanbrough so far ahead for the first stint that we didn’t even see him on the screen.  Too bad they through the yellow when Darland and another car got into each other, looking like they’d both be tumbling. Can’t blame the flagman, it’s not too often that a sprint car riding perpendicular on the wall turns out to be just another way to take turn two.  I will blame him for the caution with three laps remaining though, that driver did a pretty little 360 and kept going.
I don’t know Jon Stanbrough’s personality, and I don’t want to just in case I wouldn’t like him.  It’s fun to watch that plain white car whip the rest of field.

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frozen food aisle

buy me I'm loaded with sugar

The frozen food aisles at Kroger now have door displays that light up only when you move in front of them.  Presumably a tactic to save on energy costs – when no one is in the aisle why heat up the freezers with a light bulb.  But it makes you feel as if your entrance to the selection is invited, a walkway of pleasures just for you to pop in your microwave at get nourishment at the press of a button.  The worse something is for you, the better it looks.  The more appealing the statues of food used in the marketing on the package, and the greater the profit margin.  Carrots and peas use easier graphics on their bulk bags accumulating ice burn because people are going to buy them on cost – the ten cents extra on name brands is solely for the photo of the same carrots and peas in the store brand bag next to it.

I try to limit myself to a Stouffers or four in the freezer as backup.  Eat freshly prepared foods when I’m not too lazy.

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The sky at times

The picture loses the power of the light, and the brightness preceding the darkness of a storm, as it often does.

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The world on water

would like a globe this size

First thing I had to do was shop for furniture.  Gave all mine away before I moved.  The giant furniture store had a slowly spinning globe in the front entrance.  Sitting in a pool of water, it is tilted on its axis like our planet and its spin can be redirected by touch.  Elegant, artistic, and out of my price range.  I eventually got the items I needed.  A bed, sofas and coffee table.  Working with the one chair I brought, it’s low and personal seat the one piece I could not part with.  Later got a dining table and chairs in a box and spent an afternoon with tennis on tv putting them together.

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