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I cannot type nor probably think fast enough to understand global gianormaissues, but Economist’s Marching through Red Square presents an aspect of Russia that I do not as often seen portrayed.  In part due to its size and economic power is a force in global trade, and as they will fare better by participating, the country is apparently getting along with the West better than before.  Referring to America’s “trustworthiness”, they cater also to make EU nations their allies.  Germany states Russia must improve with Poland, and Russia is willing to even if for no better reason than the discovery of shale gas in Poland.  They write, “In the contest between gas interests and Stalin, Stalin loses“.  But what if Gazprom doesn’t secure the long-term rights to the shale gas, will Putin revoke the kind of care he showed in Gdansk, honoring the victims of a Stalin massacre?

the gloves are on


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I'm HD ready

Giving away my tube tv and ready to do the upgrade to wide and flat.  Then the Google TV announcement came out, sets available in the Fall.  Should I wait or just get a big tv now?

There’s the cautiously running narrative about all web-tv connectors failing to achieve total market acceptance up to this point.  So would I be waiting for what may turn out to be year-long fad?  Or can Google be the one to make something awesome like they have done on other projects up to this point?   I may wait until I hear the prices for the Sony sets that will be unveiled, and if it’s too costly go with the most economical widescreen without web connect.

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Rafa 2010

Image Credit flickr.com/photos/drona

Rafael Nadal’s lead-up to the French Open this year:  In five weeks he won three tournaments and 15 straight sets.  Champion of Monte Carlo, Rome, and Madrid, will he take Roland Garros again?  I love Rafa, so hope so!

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Fast Friday

Even if you don’t love the Andrettis, you gotta love Fast Friday on indycar.com while working at the computer.  Top guys running 225 mph this year.

Marco Michael Mario & John

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Wtg ‘Hawks!  Again the Blackhawks were down in the game and down in the series, and down a man on the ice.  Patrick Sharp went flying down the ice, sometimes it’s just that easy, tying it up shorthanded in the third period.   Versteeg’s goal had all five players involved, while the Canucks totally collapsed with all five men below the hash marks.  The Blackhawks exhibited awesome puck control, Versteeg brought in in slow and got a Vancouver man down, lost it, Ladd in front, Bolland knocks the loose puck to Seabrook, out to the point to Duncan Keith, one more pass back to Versteeg, nothing but the back of the net!

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Jerez MotoGP

Lorenzo Perosa RossiMotoGP was awesome as always, this time Pedrosa led 73 of 74 miles, but Lorenzo led the last one.

Jerez had 122,000 fans and on track it was the aliens early.  Hayden played too, jumping his teammate Stoner from the grid, as did Rossi on Lorenzo.  They stretched it out while the battle for the next half dozen spots was good but mostly untelevised.

With one lap left Lorenzo was on Pedrosa’s rear wheel, able to go a bit faster but not yet.  Pedrosa has been pushing out in front of this flying pack for close to an hour.  Lorenzo started making his move on the final lap, it almost went haywire as they touched (at Sito Pons?), and at Dry Sack he just took the outline and pushed Pedrosa outward to take home the victory.   Image Credit Fiat Yamaha Team flickr.com/photos/fiatyamahateam/4574666461/

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Kentucky Derby 2010

Calvin Borel

Last year the Kentucky Derby was like the most thrilling ever, with the small horse nearly in last coming back and winning by a mile.  Mine that Bird.

Here we go, horse #20 Sydney’s Candy going in the last gate.

And they’re off!  It’s muddy.  The overhead shot shows the whole field down the backstretch.  #4 Super Saver by 2 lengths at the end.  Calvin Borel wins again!  That guy hugs the rail clsoer than anybody and kicks it in at the right time in this race.

Image Credit
Jack Kendall flickr.com/photos/jack_kendall/4001003357/

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