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new words

So I (used to) read a lot.  I know grammar rules well enough to break them purposefully and often.  The English language is mutable and ever-changing, which likely has helped it in becoming the most international language… it is constantly changing and accepts newly created words every day.

it's okay not to know... look it up!

When I don’t know a word, I look it up.  Or if it’s used in conversation, I’ll ask the person who said it what it means.  This is usually educational, although occaisionally humorous when their response is “you know, um, it’s like when, you know…” and then they state the word again as its own definition.

Anywho, here are the words I had to look up today:

Besotted – muddled or stupified, especially with alcohol.  In the case it was used, it was joesaward.wordpress.com talking about Australians being besotted with V-8 Supercars, meaning they really go crazy about their touring cars.

Political Agnostic – one who doesn’t know who is right in matters of policy, how to rid the world of hunger, or whether or not this new health care plan is fantastic or dreadful.  I’m glad others devote their energy to politics, I’m glad the founding fathers and those who have died in war to keep me free did what they did.  The issues are so complex that no one has a solid handle on them all, and I am not going to act like I have even a few of the answers.  This definition wasn’t in the dictionary, it was used in the Economist referring to someone in Europe, and search found it on several blogs.


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Battling brackets of the NCAA tournmaent with friends is good fun, a venue for smack talk and sharing the thrill of a buzzer beater together.  Plus the friends that I see once per year, or once every five years, can use the internet and the tourney to act like our lives still overlap at all.

Last year I won in a group of thirty, without picking the national champion.  If Michigan State had beaten UNC in the final, I would have been in the top 100 out of like 3 million on espn.  I think I’ll tell that story every March for years.  In 2010 last year’s champion didn’t even make the Madness, and I’m as good as out already too.  We’re on day 2, and I’m 12-7.  That’s no good, no good at all.

People talk about a perfect bracket, companies sponsor gazillion dollar prizes for one, and it seems at first glance entirely possible.  It’s not.  Like 1 in the aforementioned gazillion.  63 games, right?  Well just to show how hard it is to get that many right – here’s today’s stat:

There are 4.8 million brackets filled out at ESPN.com.  After 19 games, only 11 people have chosen perfectly.  11!  They’ll fall soon enough, most likely by the end of the day.

You just cannot get them all right

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Each year they have a 27-block street festival on 8th street in Miami.  Went with two Cubans raised there in Little Havana, which still bears the name even if most Cuban-Americans live in different neighborhoods now.  Loads of people, $2 beer, food cooked over wood fires, knick knacks like the hand-painted refrigerator magnets I picked up, and five or six stages for bands.

I posed with Manny for evidence of our paramilitary days :

Lunch hot off the grill :

The concert-goers:

The protesters :

The eye in the sky:

Glad I went, a new experience, and sure I would go again.  But really, it was just food available on that street any day, and flags and t-shirts available anywhere in Miami, and music with bad acoustics.  A great reason to get outside on a Sunday and mix with a lot of people, and a good tour for me of Little Havana from locals, but whoever called it the “largest street fair in America” has never been north of Ft. Lauderdale.

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Ferrari is back

Alonso Massa Ferrari 1-2

Watched Bahrain GP live, which meant 7:30 pre-race and here at 9:30 race 1 is wrapping up. Ferrari 1-2 followed by Hamilton then Vettel. The first battle in F1 has been fun, even if it’s notably formulaesque with little passing. A true test of newly developed cars, this year’s technology and this year’s regulations. Vettel grabbed pole and dominated until (presumably) sand particles burned through his exhaust header and his power waned.

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Cars on track right away.
Weight of extra fuel really going to have an effect. How will it play out? First time since 1993 with no refueling allowed during a race. Top 10 qualifiers must start the race on the same tires. More intrigue, what will it do?

Lack of testing apparent. Unbelievable that HRT (nee Campos) hadn’t run a lap before Bruno Senna pulled out of the garage during P1. Pieces flying off more than one car – a mirror popped out of the Lotus.

Six days of rain causes the cars to miss the little testing time there is?
Cars are coming out definitely looking rugged and uncertain. First hour of live action in the 2010 F1 season tells me the new teams (Lotus, Virgin, & HRT) could be dreadful pylons in the way.

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F1 draft

f1 fantasy battle

Will it haunt me that I didn't pick him first?

Jeff and I had a draft for F1 drivers.

We made up our own fantasy league for a heads-up competition.

We flipped a coin, he won and deferred.  That meant I got pick 1, he got 2 and 3, then on to one for one.

I got three of four world champions, but he got Sebastian Vettel.  Here we go:

Button – Hamilton – Webber – Alonso – Hulkenberg – Kubica
Sutil – Liuzzi – Buemi – Kovalainen – Chandhok – De La Rosa

Schumacher – Rosberg – Vettel – Massa – Barrichell0 – Petrov
Alguersuari – Trulli – Senna – Kobayashi – Glock – Di Grassi

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