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golden tee players story

Too unorganized to post in eleventeen different places online, from new content on FoosTables to a twitter post under the PicnicGarden login.  Now i’m gonna do a fictional story about an arcade game on a new wordpress blog.  I could succeed if I stayed focused on one area.  perhaps.


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bank on it

Three banks before work.  If only that were a better thing.  Dropped off checks to business account, got cash from personal bank, paid credit card with another.   Even in the days of mostly electronic transactions, really had to go to all three.  First, you do get checks sometimes from customers/clients, so you have to physically deposit those.  Second, to get cash you must go to an ATM, preferably the one at your bank to avoid monster withdrawl fees.  Third, had trouble with the online registration with my credit card bank and gave up, so must physically go there once a month.

Even in recent days (for some even now), people and businesspeople must go to the bank every day.  And here I am complaining about it.  If we perfect the process of online commerce to completely eliminate the requirement of physically traveling to and from banks, will we do something better or worse for ourselves with the saved time?

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the friendly mutton

Christmas ’09 and the arrival of 2010 brought travels to Nashville and Indy seeing good friends and family.  The novelty of snow was at first a pleasure, but the eventual numbing of extremeties reminded me why I decided there was no reason to settle anywhere that it regularly drops below freezing.  There was a bit of homeward-pull seeing everyone, but seriously I shoveled one too many driveways in Indy to ever want to do that again.  Nashville was feeling really attractive.  In all, the Southeast is really looking best.  Nashville, Raleigh, Charlotte, Atlanta.

Also, I shaved my beard into a funky style called the Friendly Mutton Chops.

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