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Cake art

Sitting with my friend today, she is of Cote D’Ivoire. A man and two kids came to her house earlier as I was leaving for the smell that filled the house. For her country’s food, authentic. I looked down at the table at which we were sitting, the birthday party with one of those fancy artistic cakes. We had spoke of American excess on occaision, so I said, “this is my country’s food”, nodding to the cake crumbs and sugar-laden exterior layer, icing you couldn’t really eat.


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Two paragraphs of light

1st John starts on the bottom of a right hand page in my printing of the Bible. Just two paragraphs fit before the end of the page, but they say so much. Enough, really.
I know it to be real. I believe it to be more than enough to satisfy, in fact to be the central theme to our existence. It fills me up, but will I let it overflow? Will I continue to believe as strongly and certainly as I do in this moment?

The first bit says Jesus is “the eternal life”. The “the” seems important in distinguishing the singularity of Christ’s role in creation. The writer knows it to be true because he heard, saw, and touched the truth first-hand. Now his fellowship is with God and his Son. You should join in too.

The next bit summarizes Jesus’s message. “God is light.” Anything you would do in the light, where your actions are visible to all, are likely acceptable to God. Those things you would feel shame for if exposed, those are what you should avoid altogether.

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