The name of a place. From “topo” place and “nomy” rules.


Apparently there is a verb that means: to go through osmosis. Osmosize


The trunk of a tree or the compact soil of clay.


Hypoxia – Inadequate oxygenation of the blood.


A bugaboo is an object of fear. In the 1980s, Japan’s skyrocketing economy was a bugaboo to American supremacy.


Kvell means to be proud, to gush, to swell, to rejoice over something.

caveat emptor

Caveat emptor means we are responsible for our own decisions. Whether for goods purchased or actions taken, there is not always someone else to blame. Caveat emptor seems to have been often suspended in our litigious society.

Word – nonplussed

I had a feeling this was the definition, but the shock left me nonplussed so that at the moment I could not remember the definition at all.


  1. (of a person) Surprised and confused so much that they are unsure how to react.
  2. (of a person) Unperturbed.



Treacly (adj.) – Cloying. Overly sweet.
Treacle (n.) – Contrived sentimentality.

"Treacly kitsch" was the description of Thomas Kinkade’s work, which we once received on a jigsaw puzzle from a family member for Christmas. Of course this means I have to look up "cloying" also, and might as well review the exact definition of kitsch again too.

Kitsch (n.) – Something that is tawdry or appealing to unrefined taste.

Cloying (adj.) – Causing aversion through excess.

Banished words

In a stroke of brilliance at a 1975/76 New Year’s party, some folks at Lake Superior State University started a banished words list. Overused, misused, or useless words: http://www.lssu.edu/banished/current.php

According to the rulers of this three decades old tradition, you should strike from your lexicon both amazing and thanks in advance.